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Superstorm Sandy Poised to Impact Sunbelt Housing Markets

By Laurie Andrews Posted in - Real Estate on November 20th, 2012

As a hurricane approaches landfall, millions tune into television, Internet and radio, awaiting word from the meteorologist who stands ready to document the moment of impact. Unfortunately, that moment comes and goes, leaving unimaginable devastation behind. In the immediate aftermath, the world is fixated on the dramatic stories of rescue and recovery. The Red Cross and private charities step in to meet the basic needs of storm victims unable to provide for themselves. Now, three weeks later, many people in the northeast are realizing the impact of a storm like Sandy, may in fact last a lifetime. Life will continue to change over the coming months. After waiting for insurance adjusters to inspect the damage, monetary relief will begin to flow. Although many will rebuild, creating thousands… Read more »

Have You Seen This Weird Thing in Advertising Lately?

By media Posted in - Advertising & Media & Networking & Social Media & Uncategorized on June 28th, 2011

These interesting looking icons are “QR” Codes. QR is short for Quick Response. This technology is definitely not new, but it is becoming more popular in the United States as smart phones take over the marketplace. This two-dimensional code, made up of squares and patterns, is a shortcut that can be read through your phone’s camera once you have downloaded the software. In fact, the next generation iPhone will come equipped with the QR reader program already installed. As you hold your phone over the code, your camera will read the code and automatically take you to a website or webpage, launch a video, play music or a game. The Barcode News recently released statistics that show a 4,549% growth in… Read more »