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Opportunity is found where others see difficulty. Over the past four decades, Cotton and Company’s real estate marketing capabilities have focused exclusively on the unique challenges of the real estate industry. No other company delivers a more focused perspective, a more insightful strategy, a more innovative methodology, or a more integrated and efficient program. Today, more than ever, we are emboldened by the myriad of resources available and are committed to executing at our highest level.


Cotton & Company clients are supported by the strongest and most comprehensive marketing team in the industry. Our coordinated branding, lead generation, advertising, Internet, web development, social marketing and public relations efforts create an unmatched marketing advantage. Our Cotton Solution approach is based on moving a prospect through the sales funnel from initial inquiry to site visit and eventual sale. We use Builder CMS database software to track every lead from the moment they first arrive on the website. We use proven methods of data capture to entice prospective homebuyers to enter into a conversation. Our digital fulfillment programs help sales teams manage the influx of substantial internet leads, and strategically engage to determine the level of quality of the prospective homebuyer. Converting an internet inquiry to an on-site visit is the most critical step in creating a higher ROI from your marketing investment.

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The Internet has fundamentally changed the world around us, and selling real estate in today’s dynamic environment requires a dedicated focus. Cotton & Company’s real estate marketing and sales expertise is grounded in over four decades of experience, but is driven by intelligence gained from today’s web-based communication environment. Dynamic market research and social media tools provide in-depth consumer profiling that opens new sales channels never before available. It’s a combination of unmatched creativity, innovative technology and strategic thinking that results in more closed sales for Cotton & Company clients. The Sales Division at Cotton & Company is supported by the strongest and most comprehensive marketing team in the industry.


Beautiful places are often admired by consumers, but it is the ROI of the development plan that truly creates paradise for real estate developers. The road to success is challenging, yet rewarding. Often uncharted, it can be filled with roadblocks along the way. It is best traveled with an experienced partner who can guide you to your ultimate destination. Cotton & Company has worked with more than 1700 community developers over the past four decades

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As new media opportunities expand, a creative brand strategy is essential to capture the attention of potential homebuyers. From the moment of first contact through to post-contract referral programs, your sales presentation must captivate buyers and compel them to continue to engage in the sales process. Video storytelling, digital sales tools, web presentations, printed collateral—all are a representation of the excellence and experience that homeowners can expect when living in your community. Cotton & Company provides superior collateral packages and comprehensive lead generation campaigns, produced by our award-winning marketing team.


The Internet has become a competitive marketplace. It is critical that you gain favored position where buyers are searching for new home opportunities. Today’s customers and prospects demand instant results and information, without waiting for your sales team to respond. It’s the quality of the information delivered that creates a buyer’s first impression, and your e-communications quality that distinguishes your real estate project. Cotton & Company has created a highly focused range of interrelated web services that optimize your position in the real estate marketplace through website design, mobile platforms, social marketing, and search engine optimization and marketing.

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