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a home that is remodeled by ecclestone to be de-tuscanized

Low Housing Inventory Drives New Real Estate Industry Trends

Posted on July 13, 2021 | Read time: 4 minutes

Laurie Andrews and Stephann Cotton in front of the Cotton & Company signage

Laurie Andrews, Perfectly Prepped to Transition to Cotton & Company President

Setting a High Bar for Mentorship Success Good mentors develop knowledge and skills while great ones build the confidence...


Mobile Phone to Illustrate Website Traffic

Organic Website Traffic: Why Does it Matter So Much?

What is Organic Website Traffic? When it comes to everyday nutrition, we all understand the reasons why organic food...


eco-friendly home with solar panels on roof

Most Americans Want Eco-Friendly Homes—And Would Pay More for Them

The desire for eco-friendly homes has increased dramatically in recent years. We may commemorate Earth Day in April, but...


Gathering of Friends at a Table Outdoors

Health and Wellness Take Center Stage

COVID is Transforming Homebuyers’ Mindset Due to the length of the crisis, short-term lifestyle changes have become daily habits...


Lady and man hitting golf ball into hole

Real Estate Sales in Golf Communities Surge as Golf Popularity Experiences an Upswing

It’s been almost a decade since the golf industry took a hard hit with the global economic crisis. Golf...


hands on a keyboard representing digital marketing

2021 Digital Marketing Predictions and Trends for the Real Estate Industry

While 2020 was a year when time seemingly stood still for many Americans, innovation in digital marketing has accelerated...


Marina Development at Briland Club

Hot Boating Industry Creates Wave of New Marina Development

There have been very few industries that have benefited from the COVID 19 pandemic with the exception of real...


Riding bike on trail

The Florida Land Rush Is On!

The Pandemic Accelerates a Florida Land Rush The pandemic has accelerated what is being called the “Great Real Estate...


BLVD Sarasota Condominium in Sarasota, Florida

Covid Fallout Drives High Demand for Florida Lifestyle – But What About High-Rise Condominiums?

As public debate continues to rage about how to manage the COVID virus, Florida’s decision to remain “open for...