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How to Judge the Success of Your Social Media Campaigns

Posted on July 26, 2023 | Read time: 5 minutes

In today’s digital landscape, social media has undeniably transformed how we interact, communicate, and perceive the world. From connecting individuals across continents to influencing cultural trends, social platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube and Instagram, have become a part of daily life for every generation. Real estate developers and digital marketers are tapping into the immense potential of social media campaigns as powerful lead generation tool.

A shift towards niche digital marketing has enabled developers to understand their target audience on a deeper level and create tailored content that drives engagement and resonates with consumers. What’s often overlooked is the impact social media has on Internet search engine results – a crucial component to increasing your high-quality organic traffic. By catering to both of these audiences, real estate developers can effectively engage and captivate potential homebuyers while maximizing their visibility on Google. Let’s take a closer look.

Today’s Public Relations Campaign

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From first-time homebuyers to seasonal luxury residents, social media has emerged as the premier avenue for real estate developers to engage with homebuyers across various markets. With over 60% of the world’s population using social media and an average daily usage of 2 hours and 24 minutes, they offer an extensive global reach. In this digital landscape, each post provides an opportunity to engage with homebuyers in unique and innovative ways. From floorplan spotlights and construction updates to lifestyle videos and magazine features, digital marketers utilize creative content to captivate and connect with diverse audiences.

While creating compelling posts is a part of the equation, the success of these campaigns shouldn’t be determined solely by the number of likes or comments they receive. The true measure of success lies in driving traffic to the website. Sponsored ads play a pivotal role in achieving these results, using targeted and personalized approaches based on geography, demographics, or user interests. By leveraging the versatility of social media, real estate marketers can forge meaningful connections with potential buyers, tapping into their interests while presenting a compelling vision of a developer’s community.

Driving Organic Traffic and Boosting Online Presence

A successful social media campaign also caters to internet search engines. Google Analytics views social media channels like any other web page, enabling Facebook and Instagram to boost a website’s ranking. An elevated ranking will assist real estate developers in driving organic traffic, referring to high-quality, unpaid traffic from search engines like Google or Yahoo. While organic traffic is cost-free, it requires time and strategic investments to be successful. Prioritizing relevant and reader-focused content is crucial for both the website and social media pages.

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Blog content can play a significant role in search engine rankings, as regular updates and targeted keywords improve visibility. Each social media post and blog story enhances a community’s online presence, requiring diligent planning, consistent delivery, and an understanding of real estate buyers. The symbiotic combination of social media marketing and blogging captures leads and drives organic traffic to the community’s site.

Stay Engaged with the Local Community

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Building a prominent presence in the digital landscape, however, goes far beyond consistent posting. Active engagement with the local community is vital to create meaningful connections with future homebuyers. Responding to page questions, celebrating the success of a local business, or networking with area realtors are just a few of the ways developers can use the community’s page to establish buyer trust. Additionally, regular social media updates showcasing construction progress, newsworthy articles, or exciting local events seamlessly drive the target audience to the website.

Posts can also tag relevant pages and people to expand the community page’s reach to other people’s networks organically. By immersing their social media pages into the local community, developers can resonate better with their target audience and foster genuine connections based on trust and loyalty.

Digital Real Estate Marketing is Central to Success

In today’s highly competitive real estate industry, learning the secret formula for how to be found by active homebuyers is a top priority. Real estate developers and builders are turning to Cotton & Company to assist them with today’s latest digital marketing technologies.

Cotton & Company is a full-service digital real estate marketing firm with 40 years of experience in the luxury segment. With a portfolio of more than 1,700 communities worldwide, the firm recognizes that in every real estate market segment, the most important focus should be developing integrated and targeted marketing programs backed by facts. Cotton & Company’s daily monitoring of website traffic, time spent researching on websites, and the amount of social engagement received are used to generate a highly targeted ad approach.

Combining these strategies with innovative technologies and an unmatched level of creativity has helped Cotton’s clients stand out from their competitors, creating more quality leads and closed sales. Visit to learn more about their full scope of services which range from branding and website development to sales support, lead generation, and digital/social marketing.

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