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Facebook Marketing Partner Cotton Company

We are excited to announce our participation in Facebook’s upcoming new product alpha test! Participation is by invitation only, so we are very proud to be considered for this opportunity. Without giving away too many details, we will take part in a beta test with regards to an alternate way to create and build Facebook ads. We will be testing this new product and then working directly with the Facebook Product Development Team, providing valuable feedback to help bring the Beta to market.

Cotton & Company has been utilizing Facebook’s Business Manager platform for years and this experience paired with our expertise in the niche luxury residential real estate industry has made us a perfect candidate for Facebook’s new product experiment. Being part of this test will allow Cotton & Company to remain at the forefront of the ever-changing online advertising marketplace and also allow us to provide valuable insights to the Facebook team about the effectiveness of their tools for our specific clients.

Small businesses don’t have an advertising channel anywhere near as transparent or effective as Facebook at a reachable price. With few other options for effective marketing spend, Facebook’s core business has carried on mostly uninterrupted, allowing us to take advantage of lower costs-per-click and decreased costs-per-registration during the current pandemic. The impact of the coronavirus pandemic has been felt by everyone around the world. And as consumer needs and behaviors have changed, this poses new challenges to marketers. Cotton & Company is regularly transforming our strategies utilizing the latest digital trends so our clients can continue to be successful during this unprecedented time.

Beyond a digital transformation to establish a new infrastructure, businesses that are able to quickly identify and adapt to these new substitutions will thrive in the short and long-term and that’s why Cotton & Company is thrilled about the personal invitation we just received.

Cotton & Company is an industry leader in the sales, marketing and advertising of lifestyle-driven residential real estate. Our amazing team of digital marketing strategists, creative designers, copywriters, and website developers utilize today’s technology and new media channels to drive sales success for our clients throughout the world. Here at Cotton & Company we are always seeking out the latest technologies and products to help keep our digital campaigns on the forefront for our clients continued success in online lead generation. The Cotton Solution provides a cost-effective methodology to create new interest in both new and existing residential communities. Additional case studies are showcased in Solutions magazine.

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