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Today’s homebuyers don’t want to be “sold”. They are tech-savvy and do their preliminary homework to find a community that best suits their needs. Every individual consumer has a unique perspective, and their priorities and their personal style differ. The goal is to deliver a sales message through less aggressive editorial stories that highlight the unique selling propositions that the various individual communities offer.

Engaging Content that Establishes a Connection

There are hundreds of engaging stories that can be written authentically about the lifestyles that are inspired daily based on the location and community. From community events to things to do in the local area to the special relationships that form, there is an endless list of topics to be covered that showcase homeowners enjoying daily life in exceptional ways. A new love for gardening that’s putting fresh vegetables on the table. “Bella” the cocker spaniel that is now best friends with “Barley” a rescue dog, that met at community dog park. The lifestyle that awaits those seeking a new way of life living on the ocean where they can enjoy outdoor amenities like yachting, kayaking, fishing and paddle boarding. Or perhaps the story of an individual’s passion for photography that was inspired by the vast array of wildlife and birds that inhabit the community’s nature preserve. Each of these example blog articles encourage consumers with similar interests to explore more about a specific address and consider it themselves.

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President Laurie Andrews explains, “Internet storytelling is today’s online referral program. It’s an opportunity to craft a public message and deliver it to your target market without having to engage a third-party media outlet to publish your message.” The Cotton & Company team recognizes that every real estate development content marketing program’s success is directly tied to a commitment to creating quality content.

The science of storytelling goes far beyond identifying the stories and simply sharing them. This blog content has significant value to search engines. Continuously fresh content with a focused keyword strategy is given higher priority in search algorithms. Every post and blog story represents an opportunity to enhance a real estate development’s position on the internet. The methodology requires diligent planning, consistent delivery, a diverse array of topics and a thorough understanding of today’s real estate buyers. A winning combination of social media marketing and blogging all work together symbiotically to capture leads and drive organic traffic to one common place – the community URL.

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Cotton & Company manages a significant portfolio of social accounts and content marketing is a key strategy for every account. We have the knowledge of what works to engage homebuyers in this cost efficient and hyper targeted marketing channel. To capitalize on the surge of real estate demand in today’s market our experienced team of 30+ real estate marketing specialists are here to bring you to the market quickly without a learning curve. For more information on Cotton & Company, join our email list.

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