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Real Estate Digital Marketing Agency | Cotton & Company

Marissa Mastroianni

~ Content Marketing Strategist ~

As the Content Marketing Strategist at Cotton & Company, Marissa Mastroianni is responsible for managing the online social presences of our clients. She excels in creating dynamic, engaging and effective social media campaigns that creatively and seamlessly integrate with clients’ overall marketing strategies and goals. Marissa also manages the Public Relations department to ensure our clients’ marketing message is spread through credible third party media sources.

Before joining Cotton, Marissa worked at the New York headquarters of MS&L Group Americas in the consumer practice division. There she worked on PR and social campaigns for Proctor & Gamble’s Swiffer and Mr. Clean brands, as well as PUMA.

Quote from Marissa:
“Word of mouth has always been one of the strongest forms of marketing. Today, WOM is happening online every minute. Your consumers are sharing information and talking about your products online. We want to make sure your brand has a voice in this conversation.”