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The right website is like bringing a virtual sales office directly to your customers, giving them more of the information they want and need faster and easier than ever before! More far-reaching and affordable than traditional media, a website designed and produced by Cotton & Company also allows for information updates whenever you need them. Our extensive experience and highly developed web technologies ensure that the marketing needs of your specific real estate product are built into your individual website design and architecture, and are targeted specifically to your exact customer profile. And our interactive specialists will make certain that all your hosting needs—from domain name registration to a spam-free site and e-mail—are taken care of.


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Real Estate

Real estate marketing requires special skills. Any good marketing creative can please the eye and tease the mind. Great creative does that AND psychographically targets and engages the right customer qualified and interested in real estate. Cotton & Company specializes in great creative that’s rooted in smart strategic thinking–with flair.

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Web Development

Cotton & Company is the expert in marketing real estate in the digital realm. The key to your most effective presence online is the right website. More far-reaching and affordable than traditional media, it’s like bringing a virtual sales center directly to your customers. Our deep experience and highly developed web technologies apply equally to real estate websites, residential community websites and corporate developer websites. We customize your new (or renovated) site design and architecture to meet your specific needs and target your exact customer profile. Now, let the exacting nature of our expertise make all the difference for you!

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In these digital days your customers are literally moving targets. Always on the go, they’re searching for real estate on their smart phones. If they’re home, they probably have their tablet by their side. We’ve found a strong mobile marketing strategy to be a critical element of successful real estate marketing plan. We have that finely-honed expertise and would be happy to help you target your customers–and keep them.

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Digital Marketing Wizards

There’s a big difference between SEO marketing for consumer products and for real estate. In the first, you want to sell more, plain and simple. SEM goals are to drive impressions and number of clicks, at the lowest cost per click. But in real estate? Different story. You’re looking for a specific number of sales per community-at a very exclusive price point. The right customer is everything. You don’t need a lot of clicks, but you do need the RIGHT ones. Good news: for real estate searches, you’ve found your ninjas, Cotton & Company.

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and very, very good at social marketing--which is so important in today’s real estate market. Whether on Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest or any of the other platforms, we understand the importance of having a “conversation” in social media instead of “push” marketing, and of engaging your potential clients through experiential content. We’ve figured out how to incentivize online referrals, cultivate broker relationships, develop and leverage online affiliate networks, encourage proud resident sharing and niche target users who are most likely to be interested in your offering. And we do it all through intensive social marketing campaigns.

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