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3 Things Real Estate Marketers Can Learn From Black Friday

Posted on November 24, 2015 | Read time: 2 minutes

Black Friday has recently become a tradition during the holiday season. The same approach that so many retailers use when marketing Black Friday can be applied to marketing a home or community.


This is an essential first step that retailers use during Black Friday. Is there a single person who doesn’t know what Black Friday is, or what stores are selling? Real estate marketers need to show their target market that an opportunity exists. Newspaper ads, open houses, and direct mail are all effective ways to get the word out that your product is available.


Even a successful event like Black Friday, had to find its online presence. Retailers learned to capitalize on the Internet with online advertising. Since the real estate market has come back from a recent economic slow down, it has also had to find its online presence. Real estate marketers should recognize the importance of the Internet and social media in today’s society. Through channels such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn and digital strategies such as pay per click and paid post engagnment, the reach of your product can triple.


During Black Friday, the call to action is very clear and portrays urgency. On the contrary, the real estate industry tends to have a longer lead-time for buyers. Similarly to how retailers market products, real estate marketers need a clear call to action to get people to take that next step whether it is a call, visit or purchase. To do this, Black Friday retailers showcase the products’ unique selling points. Your home or community should present its unique selling points as well. Is it a breathtaking waterfront view? Is it endless entertaining possibilities? Whatever that special feature, it should be showcased.

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