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List of 5 Digital Tactics for Real Estate

5 Digital Marketing Tactics You Better Be Using for Your Real Estate Project

Posted on December 20, 2018 | Read time: 3 minutes

While digital marketing tools and campaigns may constantly change, the foundation for good real estate marketing has not. But now, you have the opportunity to take those fundamental strategies and turn them into actionable digital marketing tactics. Take a look at the list below to learn more.

1. Data capture is the key
Make sure you not only secure a unique and easy to read website (HTTPS), but that it has a main goal of educating users and converting them into prospects by capturing their contact information in return for sharing something with them of value. Strong calls to action must be incorporated including digital magazines, free brochures, or education pieces like comparison or local guides. Your website should also be unique and created as a custom build just for your project, not a pre-fabricated template that may look too similar to your competition.

2. Consistently generate new content
The key to owning your space online is fresh, new intriguing content that is true and rich and always relevant. Gone are the days where quick SEO tactics were sufficient. Now you must truly work on creating a robust content marketing strategy that provides interesting material that educates and entertains the consumer.

3. Get the message out
This is essentially the same logic that billboards follow-take your message to the people. Except with social media marketing, it’s much easier to pinpoint your specific target audience instead of hitting every passerby. Your prospects are spending time online research their next home purchase – make sure you’re visible there. Sharing on social media is also like your friends and family referral program on steroids – take advantage of this and share content that your current homebuyers or realtor network will want to share with their networks.

4. Retarget Website Visitors
Your search and display campaigns are important for initial awareness, but in today’s media-saturated landscape, fostering a strong remarketing campaign will only help increase your conversion. Reaching out to people who have already shown interest in your offering, but just need a little push jumping off the fence is essential for a holistic digital marketing program.

5. Nurture your Pipeline
Tracking your prospects through the sales funnel is paramount. And making sure there are certain touchpoints throughout that funnel that will assist in educating them on your project will only assist them in getting ready to take the next step. It is so important for you to be able to not only follow the progress of your prospects, but also your sales team – to make sure there isn’t anything that can be optimized from that side.

While digital marketing may have changed advertising exponentially, tried and true marketing techniques have not. Knowing this, we at Cotton & Company work to merge the old with the new to create marketing programs that work, be they digital, television, print, or whatever the future in advertising brings. Our marketing research helps bring up customer data that you can use, and our advertising campaigns bring results. Let Cotton & Company work for you-click here to learn how.

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