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Destination Resort Sales: The Pitfalls To Avoid

Posted on October 1, 2019 | Read time: 2 minutes

Resort residential real estate sold in beautiful international and island destinations sounds like a glamorous business, but it often becomes the most complicated of all real estate transactions. Understanding the laws and taxes of the destination country is only part of the battle. Understanding the reach of American law, and how it can affect your sales success, is even more important.

Developers often celebrate when they secure the best hospitality brand for their property, and later learn the limitations and restrictions that surface due to the brand affiliation. Most of the world’s premiere hospitality firms are based in the United States and will require strict compliance with SEC and HUD regulations. Access to databases and cross-marketing tools is often limited unless it has been addressed as a part of the initial negotiations. Individual states also have stringent protections in place, and liability can shift from the developer to the sales team or hospitality company if it has ties to the United States.

If you’re heading overseas to do business, take someone with you who has been there before. Those picturesque beaches have mesmerized more than a few developers into difficult business situations. Cotton & Company will help you, and your buyers, navigate to paradise.

Cotton & Company has worked with many of the world’s top hospitality brands such as Hyatt®, Westin, Rosewood, Canyon Ranch, The Ritz-Carlton, St. Regis Hotels & Resorts, Noble House Hotels & Resorts, Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts, and Waldorf Astoria Hotels and Resorts.

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