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First Thoughts on Google+

Posted on July 26, 2011 | Read time: 2 minutes

Just as I’ve settled into the social media world on Facebook, with my thousands of pictures and conversations preserved, Google+ has to make an appearance and cause me to question my whole social media presence.

Google+ confused me even more than Facebook had when I first created my profile, with it’s clean layout and simple color scheme (in comparison to Myspace), I found myself a little overwhelmed just thinking about creating a whole new internet profile.

Sharing my concerns with a friend who had made his Google+ account as well, he responded with, “It is Beta right now. Chill out…Send some feedback…” So I did. One aspect I love about the new outlet is that it enables me to take a screenshot and point out my issues with it by highlighting the problem areas, and allowing me to blackout personal information or text.

However, Google has asked businesses and products to not create profiles yet, because as of now they just have the site set up for personal profiles.

In a recent post and YouTube video, Product Manager Christian Oestlien says, “How users communicate with each other is different from how they communicate with brands.” But, they do intend to have  “non-user entity” profile capabilities running in the next few months.

I foresee the social media Internet race developing more than it ever has before, with Facebook and Google+ vying for first. However, Google+ is still behind as far as businesses are concerned, so Facebook definitely has this advantage for at least a while longer. Stay tuned for additional updates on this new social platform and how it will impact our businesses.


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