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Lifestage Marketing for Real Estate

Real Estate Marketing By Targeting Life Stages

Posted on April 23, 2019 | Read time: 3 minutes

A home has a million faces to an individual as they travel through life.  Your childhood home reminds you of warmth and family, while your first apartment felt like growth and confusion. Quickly your first home felt like accomplishment and exploration as you created a future. Homes become a place where you gather with those you love year after year, harboring memories as the seasons change. Targeting where an audience is in their stage of life has proven to be a highly effective method for marketing. A recent study of more than 23,000 home shoppers by John Burns and his real estate consulting group revealed the most effective ways to market to homebuyers and these results explained exactly why dividing them by life stage is vital. Targeting the right group at the right time can guarantee they become an active prospect. 

Local advertising is most effective with the primary home market. The percentage of families shopping within the same area they already live in is 65%. Primary buyers working in the commuter marketplace seek new homes in the area they are already established. Families tend to stay in the area where they live. Between job security and pre-established relationships at schools, families shop for homes in their area, and even in their same zip code. Marketing to young people locally has become an effective method for getting real estate moving. Only 6% of families are currently shopping for homes that are out the state that they already live, leaving luxury discretionary markets for the empty  nester segment.

In contrast, empty nesters and retirees are seeking new adventures and moving far distances to find them. 28% of older buyers move from city to city within the same state. The other 73% of buyers come from out of state.  Older people tend to want to explore living in other places and years of work afford them the opportunity to move out of the area.  Snowbird retirees seek refuge from the cold and focus on healthy and happy new lives in a warm southern destination. 26% of mature non-families are shopping for homes in other states.  Empty nesters have a new found freedom that drives them to change their scenery. They are more apt to change home type and lifestyle because they are at a flexible time in their lives. To accurately advertise to this market, it is critical to utilize the internet; older shoppers often look online and are considering to move significantly further than young people. Cotton & Company uses this strategy and many others to achieve the perfect formula for the success of its clients’ properties.

Cotton & Company is dedicated to providing the perfect marketing services for the needs of your company. With leading real estate industry specialists, Cotton and Company delivers a focused and insightful mythology that is sure to encompass a number of media facets. Web development, development consulting, and sales are just a few of the areas where Cotton and Company show they go the extra mile to create truly impactful projects. Paying close attention to life stages and geographic locations is an example of how far the Cotton and Company will go to make sure your properties are shown to the people that need to see them. Contact Cotton & Company to begin creating a collaborative project that will give you the most out of your marketing strategy.

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