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The World Has Changed Since the Last Real Estate Cycle

The World Has Changed Since the Last Real Estate Cycle

Posted on April 29, 2013 | Read time: 3 minutes

It’s been a long road back for the real estate development industry. When the down slope for residential real estate began in 2006, the world was a very different place. It’s hard to believe that Facebook only existed on college campuses, and the first generation of the iPhone wasn’t introduced until 2007. But it was the iPad introduction in 2010 that really changed the world for real estate developers, bringing the wealthy discretionary buyer into the digital realm. Today, as many developers begin to reenter the market, they are recognizing new marketing challenges as a result of changing technology.

Top 10 Changes:

1. Website infrastructure and design must prioritize tablet interaction. This means a more focused navigation plan that emphasizes ease of navigation and intuitive exploration.

2. Video isn’t just a fluff marketing piece that you produce once and forget about. Video content on YouTube is a powerful part of your SEO program and a new way of selling your community to the consumer. Ongoing development of content is important.

3. Word-of-mouth referrals now happen online through social media channels. Developing a dynamic social marketing program includes strategies for procuring recommendations and engaging consumers to share your story.

4. Affiliate marketing opportunities have expanded tremendously due to the ease of online interaction. Social marketing programs with businesses that have like-minded consumers result in integrated traditional and online programs.

5. Google keyword programs are priced based on the relevancy of those terms to your website content. Developing a website that supports your pay-per-click program will reduce your overall cost for paid placements.

6. Natural search engine placement requires a dedicated focus on building an Internet footprint, not just a basic website. Utilizing online resources of social marketing, Google places, YouTube and other portals enhances the visibility of your website.

7. Printed brochures and direct mail requirements are significantly reduced through the use of digital fulfillment tools. While they remain a necessary component of the program, they should be designed for use in multiple mediums to stretch your marketing dollar.

8. Transparency of your lead management through online access is important to guide your marketing outreach. Evaluating traffic, follow up and conversion is instantaneous, allowing for redirection of marketing dollars when necessary to maximize effectiveness.

9. The world has become a smaller place. Outreach to international investors, brokers and consumers can be accomplished through digital strategies with greater impact.

10. Integrated sales and marketing ensures that all resources are focused on the same end result – leads that convert to sales. Aligning these objectives is important to make sure you aren’t just attracting website visitors, you’re welcoming new homebuyers to your community.

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