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What We Learned in Our Local HR Seminar

What We Learned in Our Local HR Seminar

Posted on November 15, 2018 | Read time: 2 minutes

The world of work is constantly shifting, especially when it comes to staff representation and recognition in the workplace. That’s why Cotton & Company found it important to attend the Pryor Learning Solutions ‘The Essentials of HR Law’ in Port St. Lucie recently. The seminar itself was designed to help educate employers on proper procedures involving recruiting, accommodating, and encouraging professionals in today’s modern work world. HR Supervisor Kathy Petroraio attended, and found multiple ways to apply the information that she received. “Our team members are an important asset at Cotton & Company,” she explained. “So knowing how to support them and recognize them for their work is just as important an asset for us.” Kathy was happy to explain to us what she had learned at the seminar-here’s what we got from her notes:

The law can be a tricky thing to both understand and apply. Not only are laws changing constantly, technical legal jargon and lengthy texts makes legal issues difficult. Realizing this, the Pryor seminar was designed to discuss the law and the workplace, helping human resource managers to break down legal concepts and apply them in everyday work scenarios. With this legal background, Cotton & Company can have the backs of their team members.

The professionals at Cotton & Company excel in their fields. Their jobs involve compiling research on target markets to utilize in ad campaigns, crafting those campaigns to reach out to audiences, creating website and advertising designs and everything in between. Because of this, they’re a group of highly talented individuals and should be recognized for what they do and how they do it. The seminar had some tips, such as pointing out something that a staff member did exemplary and recognizing it, but at Cotton & Company, we like to go the extra mile.

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