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Your Smartphone Knows You Best

Posted on December 10, 2019 | Read time: 2 minutes

Your smartphone has become a part of your DNA. You carry it with you wherever you go. It knows where you are headed before you do. How? Your phone is constantly sending out a device ID. That ID is being recorded and matched with your personal profile. That personal profile includes your connection to other devices such as laptops or computers. Together, we can track your spending patterns, your travel habits, what you watch, what you read and who you are connected to. We know your net worth, your age and where you ate dinner last Friday night. It may be scary, but it’s a new world, where data and identity solution companies are in the driver’s seat. It’s changing the way we advertise in every aspect of media, including print, outdoor and broadcast.

A variety of new targeting strategies are now available, and soon some will be taken away. Facebook will be scaling back its targeting for Real Estate Developers due to the Federal Fair Housing laws, while the rest of the open internet is rolling full speed ahead, using artificial intelligence combined with massive databases.

  • Location-based geofencing for events, competitors or site-specific locations
  • Contextual Targeting using third-party data segments that incorporate the type of content users are browsing online
  • Demographic targeting based on specific user profile data, behaviors and interests
  • Re-targeting to reengage users through Google Ads, Facebook, broadcast and other programmatic platforms

All of this targeting can be executed using video, native, static or animated banners. Programmatic incorporates data and online targeting methods to serve impressions more accurately, efficiently and at scale, which means better return on investment (ROI) for advertisers.

Since its inception in 1983, Cotton & Company has established itself as a leader in the advertising and sales of luxury real estate, including Country Club communities. In the firm’s 40 years, they’ve encouraged the real estate success of their clients worldwide. By engineering digital strategies with creative insight and unmatched industry expertise, they’ve been able to drive the sales results of some of the biggest names in luxury real estate. Request a complimentary copy of Solutions magazine here and see how they’ve been empowering the sales success of more than 1,700 properties.

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