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6 Reasons Video Should be a High Priority When Selling Real Estate

Posted on January 21, 2013 | Read time: 2 minutes

Video content is new terminology in the digital marketing age. In years past, creating a video meant a one-time production to acquire and edit a short film to tell the story of your community vision. In today’s content-rich environment, new marketing channels provide outlets where video becomes a constantly evolving tool. Creating compelling video content should rise to the top of your priority list for a variety of reasons:

1. As consumers, we live in a visual world and technology has opened the door to online learning, on-demand movies, and independent entertainment delivered through alternative channels. We look to YouTube for “how to” videos, recipes and research. Why would buying real estate be any different?

2. Making a new home purchase is an emotional decision. Through the use of music, sound and impactful visuals, the homebuyer can feel the personality of the community, its residents and gain an appreciation for the lifestyle they dream about living.

3. Today’s digital cameras provide a low-cost, high quality opportunity. More often than not, you can acquire the footage without requiring an expensive lighting crew and high paid talent.

4. Better yet, video editing no longer requires a million-dollar edit suite to compose your message, and there is no reason to stop after creating one video or one television spot.

5. Google owns YouTube, therefore a high priority is placed on YouTube videos in search engine results. Branded YouTube Channels should take full advantage of the SEO tools built into the application.

One size does not fit all, and it shouldn’t have to. Multiple videos may be developed to match the personality of each of your target market segments. For a real-world example, visit and take the Quiz!

Social marketing is today’s referral and affiliate marketing programs. Viral sharing of video content will engage like-minded friends and family who are often potential purchasers in learning more about your community.

Years ago, there were three major broadcast networks. Today, there are over 500 television channels and endless distribution opportunities on the Internet. It’s time to get organized and get to work. The world is “watching” for you. If you need help putting together a program, we’re here to help.

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