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Why Social Media Marketing Works for Real Estate

Posted on January 14, 2013 | Read time: 2 minutes

If you’ve been keeping up then you know that the final choice in the homebuyer’s decision-making process is most highly influenced by emotions. And for this reason, as real estate marketers, we must focus on lifestyle selling.

Once you understand how important the lifestyle sell is to real estate, it then becomes increasingly clear why social marketing fits the bill. Here’s how:

People love sharing exciting news about their lives on Facebook. This is the most natural place for buyers to showcase their new home purchase to their friends. The simple nature of sharing online and connecting with your closest friends and family falls perfectly in line with referral marketing. Never before was there such an easy way to reach out to the 200 friends of your most recent buyers with a message about your community.

The fuel to Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and many others is photography. And the good photos spread virally throughout the network, generally to like-minded people. What better way to share your community, amenity, construction and event photos with potential prospects?

Part of the lifestyle of any real estate community is also the activities and places available within the surrounding area. Highlighting restaurants, parks, stadiums, shopping centers, theaters, etc. only helps to sell your community as the place to live. Within social media, we can develop affiliate programs with these groups to offer a behind-the-scenes glance at what life in that city is all about.

Having a social online profile helps build a personality for your brand. There’s a chance that your buyers live a distance away and can’t come visit on any given weekend. Following your community online will help potential buyers gain an appreciation of what happens at your community and what type of experiences they can expect there.

For real world examples of how this is being put into action, shoot me an email at

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