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Builders aren’t Selling Houses, but They are Selling.

Posted on January 7, 2013 | Read time: 2 minutes

Everyone thinks that purchasing a big ticket item is all about the value and the return and the finances of it, especially when it comes to real estate. Some even call it an investment. And it’s true, frequently, the home buying process can begin as a numbers game…What can we afford? What will the interest on our mortgage be? What are the taxes? How much are utilities? How much can I sell it for in the future?

But when it comes right down to it, the final decision of which home you are going to buy is a very emotional choice. Home buyers ask themselves…Can I see our family spending Christmas here? Would I enjoy entertaining company in this kitchen? Is this enough room for a house full of teenagers? Would I like to wake up each morning to this view?

For these reasons, we have to realize that although we may build houses and offer them for sale, we are NOT selling houses. Home buyers do NOT want to just buy a house. They are searching for the perfect place to call “home.” So, what we are really selling is dreams, visions, family celebrations, holidays, entertainment, relaxation, peace of mind, the comforts of “home” – we are selling a “lifestyle.”

We can’t forget this. Ever. Because this must infiltrate every area of our marketing and sales process through each channel we use. We need to ensure that our first touchpoint campaigns sell the lifestyle available at our community because that is what attracts buyers. We need to make sure that our website highlights everything about the activities and amenities available, the sense of community experience, as well as every detail about the house. We need to remember to appeal to the emotional side of our prospects, because while it may make financial sense, if a purchase doesn’t make any emotional sense to a buyer there will be no sale.

This philosophy must then also travel through the sales process- through the sales office design, the sales person’s approach to conversation and the marketing materials the consumer receives. Our goal: leave all prospects with the feeling of “I can just see myself living here!”

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