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Most Effective Forms of Marketing Strategies for Country Clubs

Posted on August 8, 2016 | Read time: 3 minutes

Marketing your golf course is a necessity. You probably knew that already. However, not every form of marketing was created equal, and there are SO many to choose from. Between the historic economic cycle, and the shifting demographics between baby boomers and Gen Xers, it’s been a moving target for Country Clubs around the country.  The past several years have been remarkable. One thing that never changes is the importance of gaining an understanding of your membership’s wants and needs.

Cotton & Company is a full-service, marketing firm exclusively specializing in luxury residential real estate. We have found success in lead generation, content marketing and branding with traditional as well as digital advertising, and that is the real key for the future of golf course marketing, and real estate marketing in general.

“If you look at most real estate companies, they focus on selling homes and general real estate,” says Stephann Cotton, the firm’s President and Founder. “People today are looking for a lifestyle, and that lifestyle may be on the ocean; it may be on a golf course; it may be in a marina, on the Intracoastal or in a country club. The luxury real estate industry in general has been hibernating for 10 years. The needs of today’s buyers are completely different, and we’re focusing on new ways to capture the attention of people looking to make a change in their lifestyle.”

Cotton & Company real estate advertising agency 


*Graphic from 1-2-1marketing .com

When we put this into perspective, we would be at a disservice to our clients if we did not properly inform them of their more affordable options. We live in a digital world, so it’s not about killing off traditional media, it’s about finding a more suitable and profitable way of combining the two.

Clubs nowadays have become social incubators that must respond to the ever-changing world.  Long range planning, now identified as strategic planning, must look at trends not traditions to continue a successful and healthy membership. This is where Cotton & Company adds to the overarching strategy. How do you stack up with your local competition?  Have you assessed your facilities and amenities?  More and more clubs are renovating or even replacing their clubhouses, golf courses and other facilities.  New and fresh brings an exciting feel to the club.

Finding the right strategy to fit your market will create an appreciation for the property and in turn raise property values. Marketing the lifestyle of the community instead of selling houses will increase membership appreciation. To find out more on how Cotton & Company can help revamp your marketing strategy contact us today!

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