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One of Poland’s Largest Developers Taps into American Expertise

One of Poland’s Largest Developers Taps into American Expertise

Posted on September 25, 2012 | Read time: 2 minutes

Going the extra mile is nothing new to Stephann Cotton. Try 5,288 miles–that’s where you’ll find him firmly entrenched in the Warsaw real estate market. While European markets continue to struggle, Poland remains a bright spot for foreign investment and increased competition is now impacting long-term residential developers.

Warsaw has become a global city, an international tourist destination and an important economic hub in Central Europe. Yet a mere 22 years ago, Poland was a communist state and consumer-driven marketing expertise is still in its infancy. For JW Construction, one of Poland’s leading residential developers, heavy competition presented new challenges and a critical need for effective marketing and sales management. The solution was clear–go to America, find the best, and bring them to Poland.

Enter Team Cotton and a fresh perspective. An American approach put to the test in a country fascinated by western culture and on the cutting edge of digital innovation. Starting with its foundation, the company is now undergoing a revitalization driven by lifestyle marketing. JW Construction’s brand is being repositioned as a developer delivering a higher quality of life for the Polish people. In a world where public transportation and density are the name of the game; everything from project design and lead generation to web strategies and sales management are all undergoing a facelift under Cotton’s direction.

“The Polish people are very hard working and dedicated to learning new strategies for sales success,” says Stephann Cotton, president of Cotton & Company. “We’re providing the navigation along their journey and laying the groundwork for long-term sales success.”

With an eye on the incredible potential for Poland’s real estate industry, Cotton & JW Construction recognize the opportunity before them. This international partnership is opening new doors for Polish homebuyers attracted to the American way of life, and the Americans are gaining a new appreciation for overseas opportunities in an industry that is facing continuous challenges at home and abroad.

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