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11 Take Aways You’ll Want to Hear About the Future of Digital Marketing

Posted on January 29, 2020 | Read time: 3 minutes

“More people subscribe to Amazon Prime than voted in last election, have a pet, decorate a Christmas tree, own a landline or a gun.”

Scott Galloway, Professional of Marketing NYU Stern School of Business

“Marketing is both art & science. We used to focus on the art, not the science. Today, we have gone a little too far the other way. We need to revisit the art of storytelling and branding. We have to figure out how to use data to support the emotional piece, thereby driving consistent traffic and creating loyalty. That’s not easy today.”

Charisse Hughes, CMO Pandora Americas

“The winner in long run is whoever has the most information. Data is the center of gravity and attracts everything. The more information, the more power. That’s why the IRS and Amazon always win. Insights have value.”

Martin Kihn, Senior Vice President of Product Strategy, Salesforce Marketing Cloud

“HBO Max already has 30 million subscribers, and it won’t even launch until May. Peacock will launch with the Olympics with free and low-cost content. Netflix has nowhere to go but down.”

Laura Martin, CF & CMT Managing Director, Needham & Company LLC

“To balance the user’s need for privacy with quality content delivery, Chrome dropping third party cookies. The phase out will happen in approximately two years giving us time to create new algorithms. Measurements and ad selection will be reimplemented in a totally new way.”

Sissie Hsio, Vice President of Display, Video, App Advertising, Google

“Subscription fatigue is setting in. Streaming anxiety is causing decision paralysis. It takes people an average of 10 minutes to choose which show to watch on streaming.”

Mark Zagorski, CEO Telaria

“In the future, only the browsers will be holding the data insights due to lack of third-party cookies. It’s good for the industry as they were flawed. Ultimately, we’ll arrive at a better place.”

Brian Lesser, ATT, CEO of Advertising and Analytics

“Generation Z doesn’t just want a seat at the table, we want to flip the table. We have an attention span of 8 seconds.”

Ziah Ahmed, CEO and Co-Founder of JUV Consulting

“We’re looking for disclosure on visual images in Instagram that show the connection between the influencer and the product they are promoting. Enforcement actions are coming very soon.”

Andrew Smith – Federal Trade Commission, Director of Bureau of Consumer Protection

“Technology chips will be imbedded in the sweater and in the puck. The data it pulls will be fueling the broadcast and will be available for monetizing sports betting.”

Heidi Browning CMO of National Hockey League

“We had over fragmented and over specialized, creating a barrier between traditional analog and digital platforms. Everyone in WPP needs to understand technology and how it is transforming business. Creativity remains our secret sauce.”

Mark Read, CEO, WPP

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