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Too many “be-backs” still sitting on the fence?

Too many “be-backs” still sitting on the fence?

Posted on May 31, 2011 | Read time: 2 minutes

It’s always been a simple equation–the higher your “be-backs,” the higher your sales conversion. While the basic premise remains true today, the number of touch points prior to the sale has increased drastically. If your reaction includes “I need to get a closer on the team,” you may be underestimating the challenge in today’s market. Carrying costs and resale potential are also weighing heavily on their minds, and buyers are doing more research than ever.

What to do for 2011?

•    Recognize the potential sales that exist in your database and don’t rely solely on your sales team to execute a one-on-one follow-up program.

•    Give your buyer a reason to change their timeline to yours and communicate this opportunity with impact through your corporate marketing plan.

•    Keep your community in front of these potential buyers on a consistent basis and utilize a variety of delivery mechanisms:email, direct mail and out-going calls.

•     Overlook your traditional seasonality, as the market rebound will trump normal travel patterns.

•      Sell the sizzle –baby boomers aren’t getting any younger, and there will be pent-up demand as we re-emerge from the down cycle.

Over the past 25 years, Cotton & Company has been solely focused on the sales and marketing of over 1,500 communities throughout the United States and the Caribbean. Whether you are seeking an à la carte database or internet services or a full-service sales, marketing and public relations firm, Cotton & Company provides the tools you’ll need to capture market share as the real estate market returns. For more information, please visit

* Source:  CNBC:  The Cotton Report on Buyer Confidence


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