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Top Real Estate Marketers in the US

Cotton Named One of the Top 6 Real Estate Marketers in the US

Posted on May 10, 2018 | Read time: 6 minutes

Top Real Estate Marketers In The US for 2018

by Lester Harper | May 1, 2018 | Real Estate Agents, Companies | Top USA Real Estate

Want to find out who are the top real estate marketers in the US?

Well, you have found the right place. The real estate marketers below have all proven to be top in their field. Some of the people on the list below work for some of the largest real estate brands in the country. Some that make the list of top marketers in real estate are Digital Marketing agencies that specialize, specifically in the real estate. The list would not be complete without those special real estate brokers who not only handle the marketing of their brokerage, but they make sure have a hand in each aspect of their advertising.


In today’s world, if you are in the real estate, you better be a rock star at marketing. If that is not the case, you better have someone hired, that understands the intricacies of real estate, handling your marketing on a day to day basis.


Digital Marketing vs Traditional Marketing


Are you still spending your advertising dollars in print? If so, you really need to be reaching out to the marketers on the list below for some pointers. Although there may be a unique, niche that exists in someones local market (that’s what everyone says) you should have very little of your resources allocated to print advertising. Many of the other “old school” real estate marketing techniques that have been tried and true over the years should be sunsetted also. That means if you still think that mailing out sports calendar magnets to set yourself apart in real estate, you need to take a fresh look at what is happening in 2018 for real estate marketing.


For the most part, what has set the below list of marketers apart is their ability to leverage technology in their real estate marketing campaigns. That doesn’t mean that each of them are computer nerds, but they understand what the tech does and makes sure that it works for them.


How We Put Our List Together


Before we get to our list of the Top Real Estate Marketers in the US, it is important to understand how we choose our winners. We didn’t want our list to be all super huge marketing firms or just a list of good agents that are hyperactive on Facebook. We wanted to touch a little on all aspects of the spectrum of real estate marketing and choose best of class. You will notice that some of our list make their living specifically in marketing, some for one company and some as an agency; while some are brokers, agents and teams that seem to have found a special sauce for marketing succeeds.


Each person on this list shines in their respective area proving that their is no single way to be successful in real estate marketing.


Chris Smith, Curator

Chris Smith
Author, Keynote Speaker & Co-Founder of Curator

Chris Smith has set himself apart in the real estate marketing industry by leveraging technology that already exists and combining it with real estates agents struggle for time and motivational speaking. All rolled together and you get a well respected real estate marketer. Currently his company Curator to over $10 Million in annual, recurring revenue. His work has been featured in Forbes, Inc, and Entrepreneur Magazine.

Bill Gassett, Social Media Guru

Bill Gassett,
Real Estate Broker, Marketer, Social Media Guru

Bill Gassett is a real estate agent and owner of Maximum Real Estate Exposure. Bill has dominated the real estate blogging landscape by leveraging original real estate content, written from an actual real estate practitioner. With tons of Google+ groups, Bill has created his very own content delivery system leveraging Google’s very own social media platform. Bill has been featured in multiple write-ups about the cutting edge of real estate marketing.

Stephen Waring, Latter & Blum

Stephen Waring
Marketing & Communications Director for the Latter & Blum Family of Companies

Stephen has years of marketing experience from running his own traditional marketing agency to heading up all of the marketing efforts for one of the largest real estate companies in the country.

The Latter & Blum Family of Companies consists of multiple real estate brands that all dominant in their respective markets including Latter & Blum, C.J. Brown, Van Eaton and Romero, Noles Frye, Moffett Realty, Realty Associates and a handful of real estate franchises.

In addition to his marketing duties, Stephen also oversaw the Builder/Developer Services division of the company. This relatively new division within the company supports builders and developers by marketing and selling the product that they produce to the public. This support included; advertising, market positioning, competitive market analysis, sales & lead management, and much more.

Stephen has made a name for himself by keeping on top of the most current marketing trends while maintaining multiple brands all with a consistent message.

Stephann Cotton, Cotton & Company

Stephann Cotton
Founder and CEO of Cotton & Company

Cotton & Company is a full-service real estate marketing agency specializing in combining a wealth of experience in real estate marketing with cutting-edge, integrated marketing solutions. Handling a wide variety of real estate vertices including destination resorts, private country clubs, urban condominiums, master planned communities, there is not much they have not covered in their over 40 years in the business.

Buddy Blake, RE/MAX Essential

Buddy Blake
Owner of RE/MAX Essential

The name Buddy Blake is synonymous with real estate in the Wilmington NC area. Known for aggressive, fresh and professional marketing, Buddy has made a name for himself nation-wide for his consistent use of technology in real estate marketing. Buddy has been named a Top Real Estate Marketer 10 of the last 12 years. Most recently, Buddy was awarded the lifetime achievement award by RE/MAX and a Top Ten Video Influencers by the real estate tech company Bomb Bomb.

Kerby Skurat, Kerby & Cristina

Kerby Skurat
Lead Agent and Marketer for Kerby & Cristina

To round out our list of great real estate marketers is Kerby Skurat. Kerby is one half of the Kerby & Kristina team out of the Twin Cities. Only about 10 years in the game, Kerby has grown his company to 11 agents that produce over 350 home sale per year in a hyper-competitive market. The success of Kerby & Cristina is attributed to their willingness to try new marketing ideas and customer service. With a strong perpetuity toward lead cultivation, follow-up and metrics, they consistently compete with some of the largest and most reputable real estate brands in the country.

Cotton & Company is an industry leader in the marketing, advertising, and sales of lifestyle-driven residential real estate. Our amazing team of digital marketing specialists, creative designers, copywriters, and website developers utilize today’s technology and new media channels to drive sales success for our clients throughout the world.

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