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4 Predictions in Digital Marketing to Watch

Posted on June 24, 2016 | Read time: 3 minutes

Many sales professionals find themselves overwhelmed in the fast-paced world of digital marketing. With more opportunity to reach potential consumers as well as network with industry professionals, it’s important to know which venue to to spend your time on. Cotton & Company has a proven track record and the expertise to do just that. Although things are changing on an almost weekly basis, we decided to forecast what we expect the future of digital marketing to look like.

Mobile is on the rise…It was no real big surprise when online mobile sales overtook those made on a desktop. Across all generations smart phones are being used to keep in touch with loved ones and for ease of travel. It’s becoming more and more clear as the national real estate market returns that people are looking for real estate everywhere they go. These days individuals don’t make the time to randomly drive around town searching for real estate “For Sale” signs. But rather homebuyers are using their mobile devices while on-the-go to search for properties. These people are your prospects, they’re your potential homebuyers and they are going to their phones to find their next home.

Video advertising raising the bar…We all know the term content is king…but in the digital world, video is king. People on a global scale are watching millions of videos on YouTube or sites like Vimeo every single day. Facebook is heavily investing in video ads and Bing is also offering video options to its advertisers. It makes total sense for someone to start their interest in a new home based on a virtual tour. We see it every day. It is now an established component within successful digital marketing campaigns across all industries.

Location based marketing reaching new highs…Beacon technology is growing quickly and those marketers who know how to use it are already doing so. This is a medium with almost endless possibilities. One of its main features is that it helps sales professionals to plug the gap between online and in person digital marketing. In addition to beacons, a rising technology in location based marketing is called geo-fencing. This new technology allows businesses to send customers extremely targeted messages based on their location to help drive even more personalization in the world of digital marketing.

Relationship Marketing…Some experts believe this area hasn’t yet skyrocketed due to its actual meaning, but we find in the real estate advertising world it is all about relationships. The bottom line is that relationship marketing is essentially a strategy that has been designed specifically to encourage customer interaction, loyalty and engagement in the long term. This occurs through the promotion of open and ongoing communication through personalized campaigns aimed at the individual rather than a mass target.

For assistance with your digital marketing efforts,  contact us today and we can discuss further how we can help. Cotton & Company is widely recognized as an industry leader in luxury residential real estate sales and marketing. We have empowered real estate sales success worldwide having managed more than 1,700 properties over the past four decades. All things considered, this could be the most exciting year yet in terms of the progress made in digital marketing.

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