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Marketing Trends for 2019

The Most Important Real Estate Marketing Trends for 2019

Posted on February 25, 2019 | Read time: 4 minutes

It’s a whole new year and it’s time to refurbish your marketing strategy if you haven’t already. Don’t forget anything on this list.

A bright new 2019 has arrived. With this comes a greater marketing opportunities for your real estate projects and more resources to effectively hone your strategies. Use these real estate marketing strategies to transform and dominate in the coming year.

·      Programmatic Advertising

Programmatic advertising is a very new and promising method of marketing. At Cotton & Company, we use location-based geo-fencing combined with demographic profiling to target potential homebuyers and create a custom audience for our message. Next, we target our lead generation digital campaigns at this specific audience rather than wasting money buying keywords that reach everyone, regardless of their quality and potential. 

·      Social Media Marketing

In today’s modern marketing landscape the question isn’t whether you will use social media in your marketing strategy, but how you will use it. Using social media to market to clients provides many unique benefits, especially when it comes to targeting niche audiences and their networks of friends. This type of marketing provides a seamless connection between the consumer and the business, resulting in them to be more apt to engage with the content that is being distributed. Social media is a critical component to a strong search engine optimization program that drives stronger organic traffic over the long run.

·      Demographic and Psychographic Targeting 

Effective marketing can only be done if the marketer understands the people he or she is to advertise to. Understanding what type of person your audience is can be described as demographics when identifying someone’s age or occupation.  Psychographic targeting incorporates personal interests, brand affinities and habit patterns. Understanding the people can be the perfect ingredient to creating an effective and profitable marketing plan. 

·      Virtual Reality

Virtual tours help clients visualize themselves in a space. Providing a virtual tour on a website can increase interest by locals and out of the area individuals who cannot travel to a location to see a property. With technology, a pre-construction residence can be rendered into a finished product, allowing prospects to envision what it will look like. 

·      Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence provides marketers with many advantages. The most accurate predictions of past and present customer behavior can occur as a product of the data gathering power of AI which is now being incorporated into the Walled Garden marketing platforms like Facebook, Google, and Amazon. Marketing efficiencies are improved by the data analysis where AI-driven technology is serving the right ad to the right person.

·      Digital Sales Tools

Digital magazines and brochures are an excellent tool for real estate marketing. They cost nothing to distribute and once they are designed, they are virtually effortless. They also serve as the perfect giveaway to incentivize user registration online. They provide visuals for a brand that a client can clearly understand, and they can easily access. Digital literature can be sent out via email and be waiting in possible consumers inboxes when they log on. 

·      CRM System to Manage Prospects and Fulfillment Campaigns

A Customer Relationship Management system allows all customer data to be stored in a place that is easy to access by all members of a team. The CRM helps automat processes to free up sales team time to focus on the most qualified leads.  A strong CRM improves team communication, makes social media platforms more targeted, and provides sufficient data to clearly identify your target market.  

·      Top Notch SEO and SEM Strategies

SEO is search engine optimization which helps visibility of content in Search Engine results. These prompts cause content to appear at the top of the search for free, making it easier for potential homebuyers to find your community while doing their research. SEM is paid search engine marketing through Google, Bing and the open Internet to reach qualified buyers. Both SEM and SEO strategies work in concert to help drive more traffic to a website and therefore more interaction with your content. 

Taking the Internet and its resources by the reigns is the most cutting-edge way to market to your real estate clients. It is the best way to ensure that the hard work you put into your strategies return the most lucrative and productive outcome in this coming year. For a digital marketing analysis, please contact us at

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